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As a wedding-photographer, couples do not only ask me for my advice on great settings for our photo sessions. Many of my clients also seek my opinion on a location for their wedding – for the wedding ceremony and for the wedding festivity that follows. For such advice, I keep a list. My decades of experience as a professional wedding photographer taught me to look at event locations with both, interest and scrutiny, and of course, every once in a while I come across a top location and need to update my list. This year, such update is necessary. The Tegernsee area in Bavaria now offers a revamped jewel for your event: Gut Kaltenbrunn in Gmund. As a wedding photographer, I am very well aware that such jewels only pop up every now and then, and I am happy to see such location becoming a new hot spot right on my doorstep. 

See why I updated my list this year? And yes, I do believe that Gut Kaltenbrunn is a wonderful addition to the Tegernsee wedding and event locations that will stay on my list for a while. And yes, too, I am very happy to continue being both for my cherished clients – a wedding photographer and a location scout. 
Best wishes,
Your Tegernsee wedding photographer
Rolf Kaul 

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